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Cosmetic Dental Services in Smithers

At Driftwood Dental in Smithers, our dentists provide cosmetic dental services designed to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and gums.

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Cosmetic Dental Services, Smithers Dentist

Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

With cosmetic dental treatments, our primary goal is to make aesthetic changes to the teeth and gums. 

Are your teeth worn, misaligned, broken, or discoloured? Do they have gaps between them? Our dentists at Driftwood Dental can complete cosmetic dental procedures to help improve their colour and symmetry. 

For many patients, these treatments can help them feel confident revealing their smiles again, and showing the world a more uniform smile. 

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

One safe and effective method of whitening your teeth is to have professional teeth whitening done at your dentist's office. Peroxide-based bleaching agents used in teeth whitening solutions are designed to lighten the colour of your teeth to a desired shade. With our in-office and take-home treatment options, you can enjoy a lighter, brighter smile for years to come.

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Porcelain Veneers

These thin, durable pieces of porcelain are applied to the front of your teeth to alter their colour or shape. Used on teeth with uneven surfaces, or teeth that are oddly shaped, discoloured, chipped, unevenly spaced or crooked, veneers are a very effective cosmetic dental restoration. As they don't require extensive tooth shaping, they are considered to be a minimally invasive treatment. 

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Direct Dental Bonding

During dental bonding, your dentist bonds tooth-coloured composite resin to discoloured, decayed, damaged or gapped teeth to give you a more even, natural-looking smile.

Aesthetic Recontouring

This effective dental procedure can correct minor imperfections, including small chips, smooth our grooves in enamel, adjusting tooth length, and correcting pointy teeth.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes, patients require a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing a variety of dental procedures to accomplish everything they need to restore their smile - and their oral health.

Our dentists at Driftwood Dental can develop a customized plan which allows us to complete all the procedures you need, in fewer appointments and with more efficient results.

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