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Community & Global Involvement

Driftwood Dental is a proud supporter of several international and locally based benefits and charities, providing services, financial support and donations of products to help wherever we can. Here is a sample of just some of the causes we support, with links where you can learn more.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

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    Thank you for helping the BC Children's Hospital raise over $1, 102, 378 in 2016!! Fundraising with the annual Jean's Day goes to funding childhood disease research, upgrading to state of the art medical equipment in the BC Children's Hospital, the Sunny Hill Health Center for Children and the Child and Family Research Institute.

    Visit the BC Children's Hospital Foundation site to find out how you can help next year!

Bulkley Valley Band Boosters

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    ​The Bulkley Valley Band Boosters are a parent-organized and run group that supports our local music students and programs by running various fundraising events throughout the year. 

    Their key fundraising event during the year is their "Christmas Basket Raffle." The funds gathered from this raffle go towards the purchase of instruments, music uniforms, the support of travel and workshops, and to assist students that otherwise could not afford to be in a music program.

    Driftwood Dental is proud to support this raffle and has donated dental items for prizes. 

Bulkley Valley Christian School

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    The Bulkley Valley Christian School community strives to provide a comprehensive program of quality instruction that is shaped by a Reformed understanding of the Scriptures where students are led to appreciate, understand, and evaluate the world as they grow in faith and knowledge. 

    Please visit the Bulkley Valley Christian School website to find out more information.

Bulkley Valley Health Care & Hospital Foundation

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    ​Driftwood Dental are proud to be Silver Sponsors for the Bulkley Valley Health Care & Hospital Foundation. The foundation supports many healthcare needs in the valley.

    In 2015, donations were used to help fund some greatly needed updates, such as the new Digital Imaging System for the X-ray lab and an updated infant crib in the Maternity Ward at the Bulkley Valley District Hospital. 

    Please visit the Bulkley Valley Health Care & Hospital Foundation site to donate. 

Bulkley Valley Refugee Sponsor Group

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    The Bulkley Valley Refugee Sponsor Group (BVRSG) is a diverse group of people living in the Bulkley Valley who have come together to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to come to Smithers. This group is raising money and asking for donations in-kind such as dental care items, food, furniture and housing. 

    There are over 60 million refugees in the world that are unable to return home. Today there are more than four million Syrians who have been forced to leave their country. 

    Any extra funds and items donated will be used to sponsor a second family. Please visit the BV Sponsorship Group website to donate and learn more!

Child Focus Africa

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    Child Focus Africa is a 100% volunteer-run organization which assists and empowers disadvantaged and special needs kids who live in Migwani, Kenya. Driftwood Dental, as well as many other sponsors in the Smithers area, donate goods and funds in order to to help bring much-needed supplies to the children in this area.

    The picture above shows the dormitory that was built using donations in 2008, this dorm houses over 80 special needs children who attend an on-site school run by the Kenyan government and Child Focus Africa. Donations and supplies help improve the kids education, physical capabilities and quality of life.

    Please visit the Child Focus Africa site to learn how you can help!

Ducks Unlimited Canada

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    Driftwood Dental is a proud supporter of Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in the effort to help conserve Canada's Wetlands. DUC is the leader in wetland conservation and as a registered charity, they partner with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to conserve wetlands that are critical to waterfowl, wildlife and the environment. 

    Ducks Unlimited Canada was established in 1938 and by contributing to the wetland conservation efforts in British Columbia, are giving future generations the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits the wetlands have to offer! 

    To find out how you can contribute, please visit the Ducks Unlimited Canada website.

Dze L K'ant Friendship Center

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    The Dze L K'ant Friendship Center provides a number of quality services to the Aboriginal community including promoting awareness among Aboriginal people, cultural pride and identity.

    Every December the Friendship Center hosts the Annual Christmas Dinner. This event relies on donations from around the community and is organized tirelessly by wonderful volunteers.

    This event is open to the public and was created for those who may not otherwise have a Christmas Dinner. We are proud supporters of the Annual Christmas Dinner.

    Please visit the Dze L K'ant Friendship Center site for more information. 

Messy Church

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    St. James Anglican Church runs an after school program called Messy Church! One of their sessions this year involved creating personal hygiene bags to give to the Broadway Place Emergency Shelter in Smithers, we were very happy to donate personal hygiene items for this cause. 

    Please visit the Broadway Emergency Shelter site to find out information on how to volunteer and donate!

Most For Children

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    ​Most for Children is a group made up of community representatives and individuals who work collaboratively to be champions for children and their families. The work is guided by valuing children’s rights, acceptance, diversity, and relationships.

    The goals of the committee are to provide support and knowledge to families regarding early child development and to increase the professional capacity within early childhood organizations and community partners. Driftwood Dental is a proud supporter of this organization and support their annual Family Play Day by donating 100 toothbrushes to contribute to activity bags the participating families can take home. 

Muscular Dystrophy Canada

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    Muscular dystrophy is a condition where muscles in the body gradually decline and weaken and can affect anyone at any age. The Muscular Dystrophy Canada organization gathers funds to help with research and getting equipment and support for those who have been affected by this condition.

    Please visit the Muscular Dystrophy Canada site to learn how you can help!

    We are proud supporters, sponsors and avid fans of our beloved Smithers Steelheads team!!

Mz Judged Pageant

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    We are so excited and so proud to support the Mz Judged Pageant! In support of the Northern Society for Domestic Peace and the Be More than a Bystander movement, speaking out to end violence against women.

    Visit to learn more about this great event!

Pink Shirt Day

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    Driftwood Dental is a proud supporter of PINK SHIRT DAY! This movement began when a group of students from Nova Scotia witnessed another student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.

    Help take a stand against bullying and learn more about how you can help by visiting the ​Pink Shirt Day site!

Smithers Community Services Association

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    The Smithers Community Services Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to working together to enhance the quality of life in our communities.

    Throughout the years, Smithers Community Services has expanded to meet the existing and ever changing needs of the community. They provide over 20 programs and services from Houston to Hazelton and employ over 55 people. Members and volunteers play an important role in the work the association is able to do in our community.

    Driftwood Dental is a proud supporter of SCSA and is a continued contributor to the Christmas Hampers Program which has been around for over 30 years! 

    Please visit the Smithers Community Services Association site to see how you can contribute!

Smithers Fire Rescue and Community Safety Net

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    Smithers Fire Rescue conducts fire prevention education for young people. We are proud to support this initiative which has given over 450 students and their families in the Smithers fire district a copy of the "Fire Safety - Smart Choices for Life" which is a family resource to educate and protect. This resource includes an interactive DVD and a family book! 

    Please click to visit the Smithers Fire Rescue and Community Safety Net pages!

Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club

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    The Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club provides a family oriented environment in which members make friends, develop a passion for Skiing and Snowboarding, and achieve excellence in a sportsmanlike culture. 

    Visit the Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club website for more information.

Smithers Steelheads

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    We are proud supporters, sponsors and avid fans of our beloved Smithers Steelheads team!

Special Olympics British Columbia

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    ​Special Olympics is an international non-profit organization who's mission is to provide those individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate year round in sports training and competition. Smithers' local chapter has been offering a variety of sport activities including 5-pin bowling, track and field, alpine skiing and swimming! 

    Please visit the Special Olympics British Columbia site to find out more information and learn how to donate!

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